Dromara Parish Priests

1793-1796   Rev. Daniel Mooney, P.P. At a meeting of all denominations in Dromara on 26th. February 1796, to consider the disturbances in Counties Down and Armagh, tribute was paid to Fr. Mooney's "unremitting exertions to preserve peace and regularity within the parish."

1796-1826   Rev. Francis Reavey, P.P. after Fr. Mooney's death. He erected the church at Finnis in 1825 and died in 1826.

1826-1829   Rev. Peter Murphy P.P.

1829-1836   Rev. John McCartan P.P. He was born in Ryan in the parish of Saval. He retired from Dromara in 1836 and died as pastor in Nova Scotia. 

1836-1838    Rev. Thomas Brady, temporary administrator.

1838-1850   Rev. Peter Devlin P.P. He was born in Clonduff parish. Was appointed Vicar General in October 1844 and died at Dromara on 3rd June 1850.  

1850-1885    Rev. John Irwin P.P. He was born in Loughall, Co Armagh. He was appointed principal of the Diocesan Seminary, Newry, in 1842. He was appointed Vicar General in 1878 and died on 7th. December 1885.

1885-1903   Rev. Daniel Mallon P.P. appointed administrator on 1844.

1903-1907   Rev. John O'Hare P.P. A native of Donaghmore parish. He was twice driven from the Parochial House which he had built in Dromore by loyalist mobs during the later years of his pastorate. In September 1920 he became Parish Priest of Seagoe.

1907-1920   Rev. John Savage P.P. He was born in Lisburn. He ministered in Birmingham for three years. He died on 30th. March 1920.

1920-1933   Rev. Peter McEvoy P.P. He was born in the parish of Lower Drumgooland. He was a prominent worker in the Gaelic revival movement in the North and was a personal friend of Mr. De Valera. He died on 7th. July 1939.

1933-1958   Rev. Edward McConville P.P. He was born in the parish of Drumgath. He was an uncle of Fr. Tom McConville, Rathfriland. He resigned on 8th. October 1958 and died in Dublin on 19th. March 1972. He was buried in Dromara on 21st. March 1972.

1958-1967   Rev. Alex McMullan P.P.

1967-1972   Rev. Michael O'Rourke P.P.

 1972-1990   Rev. Bernard Treanor P.P. A native of Burren, he was an accomplished Irish Scholar and was awarded, during his time in Maynooth, a B.A. in Celtic Studies. He had a genuine love and enthusiasm for the Irish language throughout his life. Gifted with an excellent memory, he was a keen student of Irish History, especially local history, and was a recognized authority on Irish placenames. He was one of the founder members of the Dromore Diocesan Historical Society and was editor of its Journal.

1990-1995   Rev. Anthony Davies P.P. A native of Tandragee, Co. Armagh. He was ordained for the Australian Mission, for the Diocese of Bathurst. He was incardinated into the Dromore Diocese on 29th. April 1962 and was transferred to Clonduff on 8th. September 1995.

1995-1999  Rev. Oliver Mooney P.P. A native of Newry, he was educated at St. Kieran's College, Kilkenny and ordained in Newry Cathedral on 7th. June 1970, for the Diocese of Dromore.

1999-2009 Canon Gerard McCrory - from Shankill Parish, Lurgan. which borders on Lough Neagh. Canon McCrory was ordained on June 11th. 1966, and appointed C.C. Donaghmore and in the following year, C.C. Rathfriland. In 1972, his duties were increased by his appointment as Instructor in Religion in Secondary Schools. From 1974 onwards, Fr. McCrory's responsibilities were centred in St. Colman's College, Newry, first as Bursar, then as Spiritual Director and, afterwards as Vice-President.

2009   Rev. Peter C. McNeill. A native of Annaclone, Fr. McNeill is the current PP in Dromara and in the neighbouring parish of Drumgooland.